a pretty face can have an evil mind

i'm emily. i think i'm a little too eclectic sometimes, but i guess that is okay. i'm kind of a jerk and say "i hate" a lot, but i do like tea, q-tips, coloring,wine, science fiction (but not science), museums, great/good/bad/horrible movies, flowers, food, collages, 50s housewives, dumb jokes, kayaking and i'll think of more.
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no one will understand how happy i will be if the sandwich madness bracket comes down to my picks: the reuben and the gryo

if it does happen i’d like a crown that says “sandwich queen”

between those two glorious sandwiches i really can’t pick. they both have amazing (and salty) meats accompanied by delicious sauces on tasty bread.

  1. benewavvy said: im so mad i was a day late for muppets march madness
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