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i'm emily. i think i'm a little too eclectic sometimes, but i guess that is okay. i'm kind of a jerk and say "i hate" a lot, but i do like tea, q-tips, coloring,wine, science fiction (but not science), museums, great/good/bad/horrible movies, flowers, food, collages, 50s housewives, dumb jokes, kayaking and i'll think of more.
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I knew before I was writing it, music was going to be the number one character. It was going to be the lead character – the music going on. I feel like as a teenager, that’s the most expressive element of your life. - Richard Linklater

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When you call a rape anything but rape, you are just making excuses for rapists
"From college campuses to Game of Thrones, why the sudden urge to re-name sexual assault?" asks Jessica Valenti »  (via guardian)

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Happy birthday, Shakespeare!

hahaha this movie was unwatchable and i have sat through a lot of garbage, but i had to turn this off.

thankfully ethan hawke redeemed himself as autolycus in winter’s tale at bam a few years ago. now that was some good shakespeare.

also, don’t watch titus because it makes a really intense play absolutely boring.




I can’t believe that Date Rape is a song that someone wrote and was like “yah this is good this is an accurate representation of date rape that guy really got his comeuppance when he was raped in prison haha justice is served”

for how awful and problematic that…

I agree with this to some extent but aside from the rape as punishment sentiment it’s such a surface-y and uninformed depiction of date rape that I don’t think is particularly effective.

i just read a really great article specifically about this topic written by a man whose wife was raped and murdered and her rapist is going to prison. it talks about how the myth of the monster is socially troubling.